Due to a change in security policies  in access to UIS, a change of all non-compliant passwords will be required from January 1st, 2018 to increase the security of the use of the information system. 

You can make changes to your settings from now, as of January 1st, 2018, the change will be enforced. You can enter your own password or click on one of the secure passwords generated by the system. 

You can change your password yourself in your UIS settings. Personal administration - Set up an information system - Change your password

Each group of users (by permission level) will have different requests to create a new password with a different validity period. You will find the requirements in your new password settings in the UIS. 

How will you make your password even safer? 

  • A strong password is composed of several words, numbers and special characters. 
  • Selected words should have no connection with you or the university - your own names, dates, or geographic names can easily be guessed.  
  • Also avoid too simple passwords such as sequences (1234, qwertz) or simple words (password, login). 
  • Changing letters behind characters such as @ instead of and / or $ s instead of password strength will not increase too much. 
  • Removing some parts of the words from the sentence (for example, It is a beautiful day - itisabeda).  
  • Reverses - Folding the word or its parts (Encyclopedia - aidepolcycne, clopediaency). 
  • Insert numbers into the word between the letters (Enc1ycl9ope9dia3). 
  • Replace letters for numbers that resemble them (3ncyc10p3dia) 

In case of questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact the system integrator of your faculty, or helpdesk MENDELU