Frequently asked questions for HelpDesku


In this section you will find the most frequently entered requests, which can be solved simply according to the below written procedures and answers. Of course, if your problem differs from the problems listed here, create ticket/request via the HelpDesk or write to us at

Network connection

The use of hotspots, routers and other private network devices, except for adapters, is prohibited.
If a violation is detected, you will be blocked for security reasons until the device is removed.
See the instructions below on how to proceed with a deadlock.

My internet is not working./I can't connect.

Unfortunately, with such a general request, we are not able to solve the problem without further information. Therefore, if you have a problem with the connection, which isn't listed here, please add the following information to your request:
  • your name,
  • the type of device you are connecting from,
  • the type of network you are connecting to (in the case of Wi-Fi, its name) and
  • place, where you are connecting from.
If the problem is within the dormitory network, add the following:
  • the dormitory name,
  • block and room label and
  • socket label.

I am on the university campus for the first time and I don't know how to proceed while connecting to the Internet.

Within the dormitory, the primary connection option is an Ethernet cable.
After connecting, the login page will automatically pop up, where you just need to enter your login data (same as for UIS). However, we recommend that you use certificate authentication, which ensures automatic login for a period of 6 months from the download.

In some dormitories, there is also the possibility of connecting to Wi-Fi Eduroam. You can also connect to this Wi-Fi on the university campus.
You can follow the manual here: In case of problems, please follow the above problem My internet is not working/I can't connect.

How to connect to Eduroam if I have a Windows Phone?

If you have a Windows Phone and want to connect to the Eduroam Wi-Fi, you must apply for an PEAP account, because your device does not support certificates. To apply for PEAP account, you must write a request to us at Helpdesk with your name and the reason why you are applying for the PEAP account (for example: I have a Windows Phone).

I live in the dormitories (JAK/TAK/Academy), but I'm not a student of Mendel University. How do I connect to the Internet?

First, you must have login information for UIS or ISKaM. You should receive them on your first visit of accommodation office.
Depending on the dormitories where you are staying, you can use either the dormitory network or, if the dormitories are covered, Wi-Fi Eduroam (you can use the procedures and login details from your school to access Eduroam).
In the case of a dormitory network, you will find information in the previous issue I am on the university campus for the first time and I don't know how to proceed while connecting to the Internet..

An error occurs while trying to log in: "No more sessions allowed for user ...“

This message means that you are logged in on multiple devices using web authentication. This can also occur when using a router in a dormitory network, which is prohibited, and if this is the case and you don't disconnect the device, you risk temporary disconnection. After logging out of the device or disconnecting the router, try logging in again.

Alternatively, try logging in using 802.1x certificates. The best solution to this problem is to automatically log in using 802.1x certificates, which not only automatically log you in for 6 months, but you can use them on multiple devices.
How to do it:

I'm using a router/hotspot and I've been blocked. What should I do and why are my own network devices disabled?

In short, using your own network devices (especially Wi-Fi routers) causes a lot (network, security and other) problems and it is counterproductive in the end.
Each guest has one socket in the room for connection to a wired dormitory network and the dormitories are slowly all covered by the university Wi-Fi network.

If you have been temporarily disconnected due to these devices, you must disconnect these devices and write to us on HelpDesk this information:

  • your name,
  • dormitory name,
  • block and room label and
  • socket label.
If you have really disconnected the device and you will not use it again, you will be reconnected.

What should I do if I installed a new certificate for the network before the previous one expired?

After installing a new certificate, most users will not remove the old one and in some cases it can causes a connection problem. Therefore, please make sure that you have only one valid certificate on your laptop. Use the instructions (Windows and Czech language only) to delete the old certificat: Remove certificate

I can't connect via VPN, where can be the problem?

VPN MENDELU does not have support for MacOS from version Catalina.
With VPN on Windows make sure you have the newest version of the operating system (all updates are downloaded and installed).

We recommend that you go through the instructions for VPN, often the causes of problem are small errors such as

  • certificates are installed only for the current user (they should be on the local computer) and
  • incorrectly set up connection.
MacOS - certificates:
  • unconfirmed credibility and

If re-browsing the manual does not help, write to us and state what the operating system is on the device and send it screenshots of important settings.

University information system

When entering the studies on Mendel university, please pay attention to the recognition of login information by login name:

Where can I get the login details for the first login to the UIS?

If you are a student at Mendel University and you have been properly enrolled in the study, the day after enrollment, log into your e-applications and in the first table you will find the login name and password to the UIS, see Figure.
Login data from the e-application
Please change your password after logging in and also set up a password reset for external email.

If you are an employee and the login information were not issued to you in the personnel department when you were hired, please contact system integrator of your faculty.

I forgot my UIS password, what now?

If you haven't set a password reset in UIS (Password reset), you must request a password reset from the system integrator of your faculty: list of system integrators.

Who is a system integrator (SIF)?

A system integrator is a person responsible at a faculty, other component or the entire university, for trouble-free operation of information system (UIS), training and user support. He is a conceptual person for gathering all ideas, questions and reports on information system errors. Each faculty (AF, FRRMS, LDF, PEF, ZF) and the university-wide institute or workplace (ICV, REK, Koleje) has its integrator. List of system integrators.

Attendance record system

Where can I adjust my working time arrangements?

After logging in to the attendance system, you must select the job for which you want adjust working hours. To do this, click on one of the time operations, for example working with the current month.
After entering, you will see a button for Setting working hours in the side menu.

Why does attendance automatically overwrite my vacation as for even working hours?

Attendance automatically rewrites each vacation as if it were an equal working time.
If you have uneven working hours, you must rewrite your vacation manually, even if the vacation you are writing is red.

How can I access last month's attendance?

If you want to go back to last month's attendance, and edit it, for example add additional changes, you must contact the head or secretary of your department.
If you just want to check your attendance, you can do so in the tab Logs and Documents - My Documents , where you can access your files(.pdf) with your already submitted attendances.

E-mails in the Office 365

Why can't I log in to the web version of Outlook?

First, make sure that you enter the correct login details - the same as for the university information system with the login in the form
Secondly, make sure that you enter the password correctly (watch out for CapsLock and NumLock). You can for example, firstly write your password outside (in a notepad or else) and then copy it into the form.

If you are sure that the login details are correct and the login still doesn't work, please, change your password in the university information system: password change.

Why does my mail go to UIS and not to the web version of Outlook?

Mail can be received by different distribution servers: UIS, Office 365, etc. The user can change this setting at the following link (requires login to UIS): University mail delivery

MS Teams

What are the permission groups in Teams?

Owners: Have full control over the team. They can add and remove members and guests, they can change team settings as well delete the team. There can be several owners in a team. Teachers are set up as owners for subject teams.
Members: Have limited team options. They can take full advantage of the team's capabilities, but they cannot manage the team. Students are set-up as members of the subject teams.
Guests: People outside the university organization (outside the university IS) who the owner invited to the team. Guests have the lowest level of permissions.

Do I necessarily need desktop application of MS Teams to join a video conference?

Not always. This answer depends on your browser.
With some browsers you do not need desktop application and you can join a video conference directly in a web browser. You don't even need any browser plug-in. However, to take advantage all of the options and functions that MS Teams offers, we recommend using the desktop application. For example, the application allows you to use both the camera and desktop sharing option while in the meeting or while talking to another person.


Here you will find answers to questions about your accounts, connecting to the kiwi using WinSCP and others.

I have correct settings in WinSCP, but it doesn't connect. Where is the problem?

You can only access the kiwi server from the university or dormitory wire network. If you are connecting from another network (for example, from home or Eduroam), you must use VPN: manual for VPN.

I can't log in to the PC in the classroom/study/library, what with that?

If you are logging in for the first time, change your password in UIS and try logging in again.

If you are not logging in for the first time or the above procedure didn't work, it's probably an error with the password. First try to write the password, for example, in the login field and then copy it.

If you have characters like @, $, € in the password and you are in the study room during the test mode of the computer, an operating system other than Windows is started in there and therefore Alt + code shortcuts don't work and keyboard switching shortcut is also different. Consult this problem with the operator or supervisor.