Newsreel - IT service at the university

In this section, you will find current information regarding questions and problems for the helpdesk as well as current information about the Department of IT operations support

After the latest Windows update, you may not be able to connect to the VPN.

Beware of fraudulent Session Expired email.

Wi-Fi on JAK block B is currently in the state of solution.

Mendel-host cannot be used if you are a student.

VPN does not work on macOS version Catalina and newer.

Older actualities

Common problems

Connection problem with using a hotspot or router

ATTENTION! it's forbidden to use the above-mentioned equipment as well as any external network devices (except USB to Ethernet adapter).

If the connection does not work for you, you have probably been disconnected for violating the above-mentioned rules. Remove the device in order for us to restore your connection and write to us a request on the portal Helpdesk.

Problems with logging into the university system

Please check the form of your login with the address of the page you use to log into the UIS:

Problems with VPN connection

VPN MENDELU does not have support for MacOS from version Catalina.
With VPN on Windows make sure you have the newest version of the operating system (all updates are downloaded and installed).

The most common problem with certificates is with their installation. They are the same certificates that are used for Eduroam and the dormitory network, but for VPN it is necessary to download these certificates again and select the storage location Local device.

Always check that the certificates you have installed in your device are up-to-date and not expired.
Manual for the connection can be found here: VPN MENDELU

I received e-mails about account cancellation, what about them?

If you are continuing your studies or employment at Mendel University, your entitlement will be automatically renewed as soon as this information is entered into the system.
As for access to UIS and school e-mail, it remains for you for up to 6 months after terminating relationship with the university.

More information concerning all servers entitlements can be found here and information about individual accounts at university servers can be found here.

Problem with STATISTICA 12 installation

If you do not know how to install STATISTICA 12, visit
To install the program, you must be connected to a university cable network or you have to use a VPN. When using a VPN, please make sure you are successfully connected before starting the installation.

Problems signing into your e-mail and other o365 applications

Based on the login change, it is now necessary to enter the login name in the form:

In the case of persistent problems, it is necessary to clear the browser cache. Instructions can be found here (only in czech language): Logging.
You can also find instructions for each browser by entering clear the browser cache into a search engine.

Beware of suspicious and fraud e-mails

As suspicious e-mails have been multiplying recently, we ask you to check all suspicious e-mails more closely. Whenever you receive a suspicious email, make sure that the e-mail does not contain bad grammar, error in the sender or a strange greeting at the end.
It's also good to check if person that send this e-mail really works at the university.

If you are still unsure, write to us at HelpDesk and we will gladly help you.

Empty attendance or wrongly sent attendance (Attendance registration system

If your attendance was automatically sent and it has been empty or you sent it by mistake before completly filling in all dates, please, contact the head or secretary of your department who can return it.