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Department of Information Technology

Evidence systems

Evidence Systems

Applications for recording Travel orders (Verso3)

You can find a new system for recording mobility (travel orders and reports) at

Business trip record dashboard

After logging in with data from UIS, you will find yourself on the main dashboard, where a quick link to a new business trip record and a link to the user manual in PDF format are prepared for you (User manual is only in the Czech language).

Please save the entered data continuously with the Save changes button (bottom left). You can also return to the saved worksheet at any time.


Simultaneously with the transition to electronic processing of securities, the payment of securities will take place non-cash to the employee's bank account. Only a financial source for which there is an active signature pattern can be used as a source of funding. You can find the application for signature patterns here Signature patterns (regular synchronization takes place at night).

Item names may differ slightly from the current version of the application due to ongoing editing.

How to fill in a travel order/report

You fill in the mobility record before the start of the trip (travel order) and after the end of the trip (travel report). You can choose whether it is a domestic or foreign trip.

Summary travel order/report

A collective travel order is used if you undertake more business trips within a certain period of time. Currently, in order to fill in a bulk travel order, you also need to submit the sheet version on the first page in the Attachments item.

Travel order before the start of the journey

The travel order is always filled in when you are sent on a business trip - i.e., before it takes place. You cannot be sent on a business trip without your consent - you grant it by submitting an order. As part of the travel order on the first page, fill in the basic information about the trip and financial items on the second tab.

Report after the end of the trip

As soon as you return from your business trip, you will fill in a travel report on the progress of your business trip. When creating a travel report, it is necessary to select the travel order that you follow (in case you forgot to create a travel order, you must create a new travel order).

Check the pre-filled trip information on the first page. If creating a blank report, describe the basic information about the trip. In the case of a foreign trip, travel insurance must also be entered in the Financial Item.

The Trip Itinerary tab displays the generated itinerary, in which it is necessary to fill in the missing information from the trip. As a user, you define the start and end events for each day. Meals may be provided for each day of the trip. When providing free meals, provide information to reduce your meal allowance. Indicate the food provided on the given day and area (domestic, foreign) when it was provided free of charge. On the Itinerary tab, please insert the attachment in the required format for the Business Travel Report.

On the Additional information (paid deposit) tab, enter the information only if you have received a backup for a business trip.

You send the paid advances in the statement (along the way). The information can also be read-only if the cashier fills it in while processing the order. The field for Numbers of posted documents will list the document posted to SAP in the event of a travel surcharge.

More employees

If you are going on a business trip with more employees, you must each fill in your travel order. If you are driving in one vehicle, each of you will write the names of your colleagues in the "fellow passengers" cell. If you drive one of them, it is necessary to distinguish in the travel order who is the owner, so that it is clear to whom to pay the fuel refunds. The fellow passenger typically writes the name of the colleague to whom the car belonged in their travel order.